MAGIC Membership!

13) K.I.S.S. N.E.X.T. First F.A.S.T. Event Success!

Total Speaker Success... KISS N.E.X.T. First F.A.S.T. Event Success! ABC, 123, Step By Step! (23:43)

Your NEXT, First FAST Event Success QuckStart, KickStart KISS Updated Overview. (Final & Best!)

KISS, 7 Steps To NEXT, First FAST Event Success!

  1. ~ Step 1: Post as per the formula to get them to put their hand up
  2. ~ Step 2: When they put their hand up... Share The SIMPLE Google Doc & Info
  3. ~ Step 3: They access the KISS Google Doc to get more info. (Template Below)
  4. ~ Step 4: When interested... they JOIN & PAY With Your “” Link! (EZ-PZ!)
  5. ~ Step 5: When The Payment Comes Through In eMail… Reply With The Information. EZ-PZ! KISS!
  6. ~ Step 6: Send Reminders using eMail. (That Have Come Through PayPal)
  7. ~ Step 7: DO The Event… Create and Add Massive VIP

~ How To Set Up ZOOM:

~ How To Get PAID: (

~ N.E.X.T. First F.A.S.T. Even Google Doc Template:

...KISS updates in progress.