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KISS Big Idea... Big Impact & Income Clarity Worksheet WorthShop!

The Super-Simple 3 Step Template Process For Turning Any Idea Into Compelling, Cash Converting, Content & Copy That Will Show You How To Connect, Collect & Convey Killer Communications That ROCK With Real Results!! - You Will Be AMAZED at How SIMPLE 'and' How POWERFUL This Truly Is!

- 1) BIG IDEA: (Bold Promise and Benefit! - RockStar RESULT Outcome! End In Mind Outcome.)

- 2) Three Main Core Competencies: (What Do They NEED To Know, Be, Do Have In Order To Successfully & Simply Achieve Big Idea RESULT, TRANSFORMATION and/or OUTCOME!)

- 3) ACTION / TEACHABLE BREAKDOWN: (Chunk Them Down Into IMPLEMENTATION Steps! Design! Define! Refine! Deploy!) 2-3 ONLY!

* The MAGIC WAND Question: (What ONE thing is ‘possibly’ missing or we could or should add to make it more clear or complete? - ONLY If Necessary and/or REQUIRED!)