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PEOPLE MAGIC! Persuasion, Influence, Serve Your Way To Success! "KNOW PEOPLE!" - The Magic of Influence & Persuasion... Dr Robert Cialdini

‘ONE’ of my Top Book Pics and Recommendations of all time (For ANYONE! - Professionally AND Personally) is “Influence, The Psychology Of Persuasion” by Dr. Robert Cialdini as it simply (KISS - Keep It Super Simple) unpacks the laws of ‘Connection, Communication & Compliance’ (also known as… Influence & Persuasion) in proven, powerful ways!

Dr. Cialdini unpacks, better than anyone else, the “6 Laws of Influence and Persuasion” and the ‘how & why we do what we do’ with super-simple case studies and examples of the six laws in action.

Easy and fun read AND you will discover the basic law as that make us tick so you can learn to understand and serve people more effectively and meaningfully. (More Effective Deposits)

Of course that allows us to be better understood and appreciated and therefor more likely gain proven, powerful results by way of compliance to your offers and requests.

From Stage… In Life and At Home, this powerful information and insights will impact your life as well as those you aim to serve more effectively.

After 45 Years Of Serving Good People Like You, With A Small Bit Of Effort To Understand Theses Basic Principle You Will Be Able To Powerfully, Persuade People For Greater Profits More Readily! - The One Key Book (and Course of Study) I Recommend Over Almost Every Other Book!

Theses KISS Principle Of Persuasion Directly Relates To Us and Our Way Of Serving Good People Thereby Making More & Powerful 'DEPOSITS' Thereby Gaining More Compliance and WINS For Everyone!


Life Of Victorious Expression, Helping Other People Everyday!

...simple really.


Here are some videos that will help you to understand “The Science of Influence” and the “6 Laws Of Influence and Persuasion”


Dr. Robert Cialdini -- Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

  • Video #1: GREAT Overview Of The 6 Laws Of Influence. (Animated Feature...)
  • Video #2: The 6 Principles of Influence
  • Video #3: The 7th principle of persuasion!
  • Video #4: How to Persuade Without Pressure!
  • Video # 5: WORDS That Matter!

(PLEASE BUY The Book... You WILL Want This On Your Shelfs and ReRead This Reference Guide Many Times!)