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7) KISS 2x! Keep It Super Simple...

KISS 2X! "ACTION Will Outperform Ideas and Intentions Alone Every Time!"

Just DO IT!

STOP Over Complicating What Is Very, VERY Simple! (We ALL Do It!) KISS & SERVE Your Way To Success!

What Do YOU Overcomplicate That You CAN Simply KISS Down and Make The Real Magic Happen For Your and Your Success?? ~ STOP IT!

CHALLENGE... KISS Your Way To Success! - Just DO IT!

Original Post/Riddle/Question: Post Your Answer In The Comments... Let's See How It Goes! - Remember, I WILL Delete Your Answer If You Get It RIGHT and Then You GET TO Simply Repost The Question/Riddle on YOU Timeline KNOWN You WON! and Go The Right Answer!

* "Sara saw seven sharks while swimming." ~ Now, how many S's are In this sentence?

What's YOUR Response?

REMEMBER: "You Can't Take a Shower ONCE and Expect To Stay Clean For The Rest of Your Life... You Must Immerse Yourself Over & Over Again. - The SAME Is True of Your Success!"