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9) Success is 100% LUCK!

The VIP Keys To Success and Why It Is All 100% LUCK!

~ Video 1: $uccess is 100% LUCK! (7:40)

  • Labor
  • Under
  • Correct
  • Knowledge

LABOR Is First For a Reason... If You Do Not LABOR, All You Have Is "UCK" and No One Want's That! - - No Labor... No LUCK!

~ Video 2: 90ish Seconds of Well-Earned Wisdom! (1:40)

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  • "ACTION Will Outperform 'Ideas and Intentions' Every-Time!"
  • "Something TERRIBLE Happens If Your Fail To Take Action... NOTHING!"
  • "ACTION Takers Are Money Makers!"
  • "Success Is A VERB! It Requires ACTION... Regardless of How We Feeeeel! - DO IT Anyway!"